Bring out the creative in you!

Photography, art, writing, craftwork, music - there are so many ways to challenge your creativity. It's not only great fun, it's also great for well-being.  Take our feature.

This feature will grow with a host of ideas from people who are either helping others with their wellbeing or helping themselves by engaging in some creativity.


Bring out the photographer in you!

"Photography has become my mental health medicine" - Dan tells us how HERE


Bring out the artist in you!

Art can be a great way of reminding us of how culture and places we love are never lost or forgotten during lockdown, they're just waiting patiently for us to return.

Take some inspiration from the many great artists across our city.

Artist:  Amrit Singh


Artist: Paula Gabb


Bring out the poet or the storyteller in you!

Lots of great work going on both in and out of Lockdown to exchange creative ideas, thoughts and even challenges in the use of the spoken word.

Birmingham is blessed to have some amazing poets and storytellers. The pandemic and lockdown have opened up a totally new audience as people have sought advice and direction on how they can challenge their own creativity by writing their own stories and compiling their own poetry. 

As an example, take a look at the work of Memorhyme Education Collective HERE.


Memorhyme Education Collective 


Mr Casey Bailey


Alan 'Kurly' McGeachie









Project dates

11 Jan 2021 - On-going


Health & wellbeing, Art; Culture & creativity

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