Digbeth Police Station - A Birmingham Gem!

Digbeth Police Station is situated at 115 Digbeth, on the corner of Allison Street. It was built in 1911. It is a Grade A listed building according to Birmingham City Council.

Digbeth Police Station is located near the top of Digbeth at the corner with Allison Street and is run by the West Midlands Police.

Digbeth Police Station

Digbeth Police Station (October 2009). Photography by Elliott Brown


It was built in 1911 by the Birmingham firm T. Elvins and Sons.

Digbeth Police Station (April 2009). Photography by Daniel Sturley


The foundation stone was laid by Mr Councillor A. D. Brooks, who was Chairman of the Watch Committee on the 29th May 1911.

Digbeth Police StationFoundation stone at Digbeth Police Station (October 2009). Photography by Elliott Brown


It is no longer open to the public. But overseas visitors used to be able to register with the Police from Monday's to Friday's (9am to 3pm) but not at weekends.

Digbeth Police Station

Overseas Visitor Registration Office sign at Digbeth Police Station (November 2014). Photography by Elliott Brown

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