Rainbows, Lasers and so much more - symbols of hope and community solidarity!

Be insired and gain strength from the creativity shared across the city and generated by community as symbols of hope, messages of support or offered as thanks to our frontline heroes.

There is so much to be shared that can give us all amazing strength in looking forward to better times ahead.  It may be our young people with their creativity, the work of our amazing care workers or the support that is there every day for the NHS.  Whether on an exercise walk or in the comfort of their own home, people have come together to share their thoughts and experiences and do their bit to help and inspire others.  

Community is how we get through this and it is community that gives us all the strength we need.

Here we celebrate all that is great about our community and we recognise the amazing work done by people inspired to share their creativity and their strength.

Take a look at our feature, connect with us and let us promote and share your work and your campaigns.


'Message of Hope and Peace' - The New Year Rainbow Laser over Birmingham 

The laser installation by artist Yvette Mattern was commissioned by Birmingham Hippodrome and could be seen up to 10 miles away.  

Photography by Matt Burling.


Cross with Pride in Birmingham Southside

The Rainbow Walk in Hurst Street new was created by artists James Gavina Cowper and Matthew Stephens and was created to be part of The Birmingham Pride Festival in 2020.  With the Pandamic and Lockdown, this has become a further symbol of hope and encouragement for community.

'Cross with Pride' Photography by Rewired.

Rainbow walk in Hurst Walk, Southside, Birmingham. Photography by Elliott Brown.


Thank you Sir Captain Tom

The inspirational work of Sir Captain Tom Moore has inspired many people to get creative in recognition of the lead he has taken. RIP Sir Tom!

Photography by Tony Mayo.

Work by artist Vik Void as seen in Kings Heath.  Photography by Elliott Brown. 


"Forward in Unity"

"Forward in unity" mural by street artist Gent48. Photography by Elliott Brown. 


Real life superheroes!

The doctors and nurses at the NHS are the real life superheroes. This mural on Martin & Co on the High Street in Harborne. Artist unknown.

NHS SuperheroesReal life superheroes in Harborne (May 2021). Photography by Elliott Brown


Project dates

11 Jan 2021 - On-going


Health & wellbeing, Art; Culture & creativity, People & community

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