Introducing Paul Cadman - People and Community

Paul, otherwise known as ‘the quiet changemaker’ has a passion and drive that is fuelled by a desire to help others and to give back to causes he cares deeply about.


During these challenging times, Paul offers this advice.


Focus on your purpose.

Focus on physical strength.

Focus on mental wellness.

Focus on more fun.

Focus on less stress.

Focus on simplifying life.

Focus on reaching goals.

Focus on real friends.

Focus on being confident.

Focus on truly living life.


"Forward in Unity"

During 2020, as the pandemic was really taking hold across the UK, Paul was instrumental in a wonderful creative initiative with a very clear message - "Forward in Unity". 

"Forward in Unity" mural commission by Art4Charity.  Photography by Elliott Brown.


For more about Art4Charity and their initiative 'Forward in Unity', go HERE.


Connect with Paul Cadman

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